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Latest news.. 2 days late, gomen. x.x

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Hey everyone! Long time no post, blame that on a long vacation in combination with a hell of alot of laziness.
Here's some info that wasn't yet posted concerning Moi dix Mois' new single "Pageant" and.. Mana's new board game That's right, board game.
I've done the best I could with an online translator, since I don't have the skill of understand Japanese, so I made the best grammatical sense I could.. if it still doesn't make sense, it's because I didn't want to change it in a way that took away from it's accuracy (according to the online translator), so decipher it yourself. XD Gomen loves. <3

It's alot to read, so here's a friendly-list kosher LJ cut for the board game info. XD

3rd Single 発売決定!!
Lyrics & Composed & Arranged by Mana
1.Secret longing 〔SE〕
3.Pageant 〔Instrumental〕

◆MMCD-038 \1,050(tax in)/\1,000(tax out)
†2004.10.6 (Wed) Release†

The ぁ "demon boundary amusement" starts more and more from this month. I mentioned the world of mystery and fantasy at a young time, with the gloss oak aestheticism became the 虜 of the fascinating world. The start was the Dracula movie which was televised one night. I, who was a child, although was fearful, did in fact find fascinating fantastic beauty. And it has reached soon. Such a loving, you probably keep trying to introduce the world where it does not stop little by little. It probably means that there's a world you do not know about that waits.

As for this photograph with rise of the starting point, the actual game is rather wide.

There was alot of news for me this summer. As for that time of infancy ハマッ it is in ハマリ "every single, the け residence game" board game was made. At that time, it is something which pictures a ghost residence ( haunted house? ) which was written to the board politely. The start is the well, but it is a three-dimensional picture which is viewed from above; Unless there is a ladder, the place that does not come out of the well is thought enormously.

While confronting numerous ghosts, the residence has escapes, but a dead God obstructs the last route. This dead God doing with three-dimensional scene, [fragrance?] it increases. If it rises, the extent cute board game which is not the paulownia. Presently, as for the board game which is sold generally the life game we would like to see the light/write there being only a thing, this time of today when sale of the board game which has such dark world view is desired.
This recurrence "the け residence game" opening of dark Ness board game age it is accustomed to opportunity.....

Therefore the current times when 3D CG overflows very, we wanted to try it. The world of the beautiful board game where you scratch the surface of the imaginative power that's raised..

Moi dix Mois - モワ ディス モワ/Mana (G), Juka (Vo), Kazuno (B). The leader, Mana, of MALICE MIZER, which presently is in the midst of hiatus, (G) the sound project in which he manages writing the lyrics, composition, and programming. In his fashion project "Moi-meme-Moitie" Mana manages ' those which are made to multi-layerize Moi dix Mois. Classic, with intelligence that developed from the arts, we designate the fusion of elegance and insanity, construction and destruction as a theme, it is thrilling and dramatic, lecturing extremely beautiful, yet sad straw raincoat thin phonic sound. Making use of the technique of the classic while being unique, a fantastic world is constructed.

The board itself:

Pic of Mana for your viewing pleasure:


All info/images belong to: ZappyNet

Translation thanks to: BabelFish

Fudging the translation to make grammatical sense.. that's my doing. ^^;; midi_nette


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