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I need your IDs ~ Letter to M+A ~

I am apologetic for bothering you. I'm adressing to members of this community who are members of Mon+Amour International.

I think everybody are agree with me, that lately (well, if we can call period of time of "more than year" lately...) Mon+Amour International works very bad - we don't receive our Madoushos, translations delays, shop doesn't work. So, somebody suggested to write a letter to Mon+Amour with IDs of members. But for some reason this project died on stage of writing a letter. So I persumed to write letter and translate it into Japanese, so you now just have to send me your IDs.

As a pattern I took text of letter wich was written on Scape forum and everybody was agreed with that version. It was written 2 months ago, so something changed a bit. I did all corrections and then sent it to the firm of translators (yes, I've payd for this translation around 15$) and have just received the translation.

So, here is the English text of message:

Dear Midi:Nette,

As you may know, services of your company have been unreliable as of late. We, the members of your fanclub service, Mon Amour International, are being treated unfairly. We have payed for our membership to the club, and as such, should receive our monthly fanclub magazines, the Madoushos, its English translations and capability of bying exclusive stuff at your shop. Collectively, our last received issues were for the month of March&April, 2008. Currently as of December, 2008, we have not received any issues for a seven month period.

There have also been member complaints of purchased shop items failing to be delivered, with no response of the delay.
For another thing, magazines translations updates extremly irregulary, with long delay.

We remain sympathetic, but feel an explanation is needed.

The members of Mon Amour International

I won't post here Japan translation, because I don't think it is necessary. If you don't think so, I'll post the translation of course.
And yeah, don't worry about grammatic mistaces in letter. To translators I sent Russian version of letter with no mistakes. Don't worry, I speak English very bad, but from English I translate perfectly.

So, now I just need your IDs (maybe we should include more information to confirm that all this numbers were not invented by me, for example, our names or country, written in our Mon+Amour profile?). Please write on my mail: mitya.kun (at) gmail.com In a couple of days, I'll send this letter with our IDs to Mon+Amour.

I hope, together we will call attention to our problem.
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