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Pimping community

(Click photo above to visit)

So this past weekend mistressyoukai and pixychildwent on a Midi:Nette & ex-Midi:Nette binge (which includes Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, Schwarz Stein, Kaya, Hora, Kozi, Tetsu (Nil), Klaha, Gackt, and Juka.)

We decided it would be cool to start a Live Journal community devoted to discussing and keeping up with all the bands and artists that are or have been closely tied to Mana-sama.  ^_^ as it sounds like a brilliant idea as Malice Mizer alone has provided plenty to think and talk about.

We want this to be an open discussion anything related to any of the bands is allowed and news on any is welcomed as well.

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